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Areas of Law

Commercial and Residential Property

Property (commercial and residential) is a key practice area of our firm.  Our team of experienced solicitors and staff are ready to navigate you through every level of any transaction or dispute, including building and construction disputes. We have in depth experience in Unit Titles and Body Corporate law.

Employment Law

Our legal and business experience across employment law offers you excellent legal advice on your employment issue - whether resolving matters up front or heading to Court.  We pride ourselves on looking for fair and prompt resolutions.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

We are very experienced to deal with these matters and understand that life can take you in unexpected directions.  We will work with you to get things right to give you peace of mind, or help you out when others are not being fair.  We don't give tax advice but have an excellent understanding of tax drivers within the firm and work well with tax advisers.

Immigration Law

Angie Burling, Partner, is an immigrant herself and leads our experienced immigration specialists who will help with every step of your immigration processes, along with any other related family and business legal issues.

Relationship Property

We have legal professionals who specialise in this area of the law.  We listen before we give advice tailored to your situation.  We aim to resolve the situation fairly and sensibly for all, given children and wider family are often deeply affected by these situations.

Construction Law

Cowan Law acts for a number of construction companies as well as for persons seeking a building outcome, whether a new home or an industrial site. We will genuinely understand your goals before advising you on the legal path forward.

Support to Barristers

Our litigators and dispute resolution experts are continuously engaged to act as instructing solicitors for members of the independent bar, either calling in the barrister to act for clients or to support barristers in their representation and hearing/trial preparation.  If you are an individual barrister or within a Chambers and need litigation support, contact us without obligation.

Commercial/Business Law

Commercial dealings do not to be complex or difficult to understand.  You do not need a long form agreement every time.  We offer individually tailored solutions for New Zealand’s well-developed commercial market.  

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We deal with personal, business and trust and estate disputes.  We take time up front to understand the facts and then advise you the most appropriate path forward.  We do not automatically want to head to Court.  Our goal is to work with you to resolve the dispute taking the time, cost, possible disruption to you, your views and the potential range of outcomes into consideration.

Debt Collection

Chasing your hard earned money can take up a lot of your time and see you receive false promises that turn out to not be enforceable.  We can guide you on what to do (eg what to do and how to argue in the Disputes Tribunal) or take care of statutory demands and other rights you have.  We have strong experience with liquidators and other credit linked businesses.