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Headshot of Doug
Doug Cowan

Doug heads Cowan Law with a vision to provide clients with exceptional, effective and solutions-focused legal services. His collaborative approach is the hallmark of the practice, providing the most effective support for clients. He is a well seasoned litigator with experience in a wide range of New Zealand Courts and Tribunals.

Headshot of Lisa
Lisa Godwin
Legal Executive

Lisa recently joined Cowan Law and has over 15 years of experience in relationship property and the surrounding family, trusts and estates laws and litigation.  She aims to settle matters where possible as this is usually the best approach from an emotional and financial perspective for everyone involved.  Lisa is personable, empathetic and dedicated to assisting clients through sensitive matters.

Headshot of Jose
Jose San Diego

Jose is an experienced litigator who has represented clients in a wide range of legal forums. He has excellent experience working for commercial clients on complex disputes.  Jose is fluent in Tagalog and a proud member of the Filipino community.

Headshot of Angie
Angie Burling
Consultant (on sabbatical)

Angie is taking a break from the law at present and is on sabbatical. She has been running a general practice with focus on property, immigration, trusts, estates and litigation law. She maintains strong relationships with her Filipino links and is fluent in English and Tagalog. While on sabbatical, please contact Lisa Godwin on the numbers below or email lisa.godwin@cowanlaw.co.nz . Jose is fluent in Tagalog should you want to converse in that language.

Headshot of Oliver
Oliver Sweeney

Oliver has a wide range of legal experience and has advised on property, trust, asset planning, company, commercial, banking, relationship property and alternative dispute resolution issues. He enjoys navigating complex legal issues and giving personalised guidance and support to our clients.

Headshot of Gracie
Gracie Hannagan

Gracie is a solicitor working across a range of property, commercial, private client, trust and litigation matters. Gracie studied history and law at Otago University and started her working career at Wilkinson Rodgers Lawyers in Dunedin. We are turning her into a moderate Aucklander.

Headshot of Gabi
Gabi Kiefte
Law Clerk (not admitted)

Gabi is interested in construction law, property disputes, litigation and relationship property. She engages with our staff to help clients deal with a range of issues and has nearly completed her degree and will undertake Law Professionals later this year.

Headshot of Toni
Toni Kenyon
Legal Executive

Toni is passionate about helping first-time home buyers secure their first homes, helping negotiate relationship property matters, assisting in estate planning and helping individuals and families understand their rights before or after the sadness of a bereavement.

Headshot of Janet
Janet Yen
Business Support Manager

Janet has been our Business Support Manager for some time and brings a high standard of support to the team. She is often the person you will speak with first when making contact with us and makes things happen around here.

Headshot of Sarah
Sarah Price
Legal Executive / Finance

Sarah has worked in litigation for more than 15 years. Sarah assists the Cowan Law Litigation team with document search, discovery and general administration. Her document management and software expertise provides the team with effective and comprehensive support through all the components of the discovery process.

Head shot of Bree Oliver
Bree Oliver
Law Clerk (not admitted)

Bree is studying at Victoria University and assists our lawyers with research and drafting matters when her studies allow her the time to do so. She has an interest in a wide range of law and is about to embark on a short period of study in Canada.

Headshot of Ella
Ella Hoogerbrug
Law Clerk (not admitted)

Ella has completed her studies at Victoria University and has nearly completed law professionals. She will be admitted in September 2024 but is already working full time with us on a wide range of legal matters.

Headshot of Dean Larsen
Dean Larsen
Consultant (non-practicing) / Management

Dean has a range of professional and commercial experience that makes him a highly valued Consultant to our lawyers and clients. He is particularly adept at resolving disputes without the need for litigation and dealing with issues in complex business transactions. He is also responsible for the day to day management of Cowan Law.